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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiling (often referred to as LVT) is a premium type of vinyl flooring. A popular alternative to wood and stone floors, luxury vinyl tiles combine a natural look with the day to day advantages of vinyl.

Why LVT?

Similarly to sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles can be found in a huge variety of woods, grains and colours. These tiles are expertly crafted to have the natural grooves and knots of real wood, without the high price tag of hardwood flooring. With a beautiful depth of colour and a selection of stone and wood finishes, LVT is the easiest way to get a premium look on a budget.

LVT is incredibly hardwearing and resistant, enjoying all the same benefits of traditional vinyl flooring. It’s moisture and scratch resistant, making it a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and busy office spaces. LVT also offers better soundproofing than natural wood and stone materials, which can be loud to walk on.

Luxury vinyl tiles are suitable for absolutely any type of room. Create a beautiful oak wood effect in your hallway, and go for a distinct stone finish in your bathroom. With our bespoke LVT fitting, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch here to find out more.

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