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Engineered Wood Flooring Nottingham

Engineered wood is a type of hardwood flooring that’s composed out of multiple layers of timber compressed together, finished with a lamella of solid wood. These cleverly constructed planks look exactly like solid wood flooring, giving the impression of a fully natural finish. Unlike solid wood, however, engineered wood flooring can handle high levels of moisture, making it a better choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Why engineered wood flooring?

Many shoppers don’t realise there are two hardwood floor options. When the options are explained, customers often divide into two categories: devout solid wood fans and engineered wood converts. In reality, the two products are almost identical in appearance. Which wood type is best for you depends entirely on your needs.

Engineered wood flooring is designed to be more water resistant, making it the best hardwood option for moisture-prone areas. It’s also built to allow for wood expansion and can withstand fluctuations in temperature, meaning it’s the ideal solution for underfloor heating.

The top layer of engineered wood can be refinished a number of times, making it a good option for areas that are prone to scratches. It’s also quicker and easier to install than solid wood, which brings down the cost of installation.

The prices of the two woods are incredibly similar, and both are available in a variety of finishes and colours. While solid wood usually has a wider variety, certain looks such as extra wide planks can only be achieved with engineered wood. Both woods perform tremendously over time.

Here at Style HQ, we fit bespoke engineered wood flooring for offices, homes and commercial residences. From vintage rugged styles to modern ash tones, we’ve got the passion and expertise to build you a floor to be you’ll be proud of. Get in touch here to find out more.


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