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Walnut Wood Flooring Nottingham

If you want your floor to be the focal point of your room, you can’t do better than walnut. One of the finest woods in the world, walnut is loved for its warm coffee tones and distinctive knots. This is wood that makes a statement.

Why walnut?

While oak is picked for its traditional feel and practical durability, walnut is usually chosen for its visually striking look. The most popular range of walnut flooring is American Black Walnut, which tends to be stronger than other kinds of walnut. American Walnut comes in a selection of shades, varying from light brown to dark chocolate hues, often with dark streaks running through them.

Walnut’s distinctive grain is usually straight, but it can also be slightly wavy. This curly grain effect creates stunning boards, giving a truly high-end finish to the flooring. Although walnut is impressively durable, it’s a softer wood than oak, so it so it’s better in areas with light foot traffic such as dining rooms and receptions.

Looking for an absolute show-stopper of a floor? At Style HQ, we fit gorgeously bespoke walnut wood flooring for a variety of domestic and commercial settings. Get in touch here to find out how we can transform your space.

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